Wisdom Traditions

About five years ago a group of 12 UU Basics attendees got along so well that they decided to continue meeting once a month. They became a “Wisdom Traditions” group, studying world wisdom traditions. To understand what the group is about, consider that we work together primarily on an intellectual level, reading primary sources (whenever possible) of wisdom texts from many cultures, religions and times, seeking knowledge and understanding of the messages contained therein.

This is not a comparative religions study group; we are more interested in what we can learn from various traditions, rather than what we can learn about those traditions. And unlike Small Group Ministry, our expressed goal is not pursuit of emotional or spiritual experiences within the group, though we most certainly enjoy working together and sharing insights, and we appreciate the deepening relationships among group members.

Being a member of this group requires a serious commitment: all participants are asked to commit to attending our monthly meetings on Sunday, 5 – 7 p.m., and to prepare for the discussion by reading and studying the chosen topic ahead of time. Participants take turns
facilitating the discussions, taking responsibility for doing preliminary research, choosing appropriate text excerpts and providing copies to the other participants, ideally a month ahead of the discussion.

Fellowship Activities