Social Action


The UUFP has supported its service committee, the UUSC, over the years in its annual Guest At Your Table fund raising drive. The UUSC works with local partners around the world to ensure civil liberties, economic, environmental and social justice.

On the local level the UUFP has worked with La Clairiere, the charity organisation of L’Oratoire, our first host church. We have contributed Christmas gifts with our mitten tree, which provides mittens, hats, and scarves to families in need. We have also taught English to their adults.

In addition to these projects the UUFP has donated to local and international charity associations around the world as crises arise, for instance The Paris Committee Against Modern Slavery, and other charities in response to Hurricane Katrina, the floods in Pakistan and the famine in East Africa. These are just the most recent examples.

Our fellowship continues to be concerned with issues of social justice and though our support is usually given in the form of donations, there has been increased interest in active volunteer projects this year.

Fellowship Activities