The Pastoral Care Group


The UUFP Pastoral Group was formed to provide a listening ear and a helping hand to UUFP members and participants in UUFP services and/or groups who may be coping with a difficult life event, emotional stress related to personal illness or the illness or death of a loved one. Specific times to meet with our visiting ministers can often be arranged. You can also let us know if someone in the fellowship needs to be contacted. To contact us, please use the contact form.

We are not qualified to recommend professionals in the caring professions. However, there are several local agencies that do offer referrals. Should you need such a recommendation, you can call one of the following organizations:

International Counseling Service– 01 45 50 26 49,
-for initial consultation and referrals.
SOS Help — 01 46 21 46 46, between 3pm and 11 pm daily;
-You can ask for referrals of professionals.
American Overseas Domestic Violence Crisis , or dial 08 00 99 00 11 and then at the prompt, dial 866 879 6636.

Fellowship Activities