Frequently Asked Questions

Before contacting us, check out the Frequently Asked Questions below to see if your question has already been answered. If not, you may email is at:

In what language are the services and other fellowship activities?

UUFP is an English-speaking community. We sometimes add French translations to our activities and we welcome native French speakers. Many of our members are bilingual, but those who wish to attend our services or other activities should be able to understand and participate in English conversation

What can I expect when I visit your service?

We start our service of about one hour with a welcome, followed by music, readings, hymns or songs, and a sermon or talk by a visiting minister and a moment of silent reflection. There are occasionally lay-led services. We light candles of Joys and Concerns so that members can share issues in each others lives. There is also a story for the children; and we “sing them out” as they go to their Religious Education classes

If my child doesn’t separate well, can she or he stay with me in the service?

Yes, of course! But we do think that your child would find religious education more interesting :-).

Will someone try to “sell me” on your church? I don’t like to be pressured.

We want to make every visitor feel welcomed and comfortable. You will not be pressured or given a “sales pitch.” Please visit our welcome table and meet with our friendly greeters as you come through the front doors.

What happens after the service?

Feel free to stay for tea, coffee and snacks after the service and meet and mingle with the members of our fellowship. Check out our welcome table to learn more about UU and our fellowship activities. We have around a half hour for this before we need to vacate the premises. Out of respect for the inhabitants of the apartments surrounding La Maison Verte (LMV), please refrain from talking while walking in the interior court of LMV.

Many members choose to go out for lunch after service in a nearby cafe. You are welcome to join! We usually take down the names of those interested after service (during the coffee break).

Where can I find a schedule of upcoming events and activities?

Upcoming services and activities are listed on our website ( You can also consult our Facebook page or Meetup page for UUFP activities as well as “non-official” activities hosted or suggested by some of our members. For monthly updates of our activities, you may want to sign up to receive our newsletter at the welcome table.

Can I be involved in activities if I’m not a member?

Membership is not a requirement for many activities such as attending Sunday services or the Chalice Theme evenings, though we invite frequent visitors to these events to become members. Saturday workshops with the minister require pre-registration (see newsletter) and depending on the location members would be given priority.

Other fellowship groups, like Small Group Ministries (SGM), welcome newcomers. There are Open House SGMs once a year for those who are interested in finding out more about this kind of group spiritual activity.

How do I become a member?

To become a member you sign the membership book and agree with the UUFP covenant. We strongly advise new members to attend a UU Basics course, which we give on a fairly regular basis. Please email us for more information about the course.

We have no creed requirements. With your signature you affirm you pledge to enter and remain in a continuing tolerant dialogue concerning the ways of truth and love; to share in our fellowship and in our corporate decision-making; and to support with your gifts of energy and money our common work for the common good.

Are there any fees involved with being a member?

There are no membership fees, but as the UUFP is a small, volunteer-run community, it could not exist without donations and the help of volunteers. Donations cover the fees of visiting ministers, rental space for our services and activities, and other various costs such as printing, food and beverages, storage space, communication services, web hosting, etc.

A collection plate is passed around at every Sunday service. Collection either goes towards a charity (which is announced at the service) or towards the fellowship.

Annual pledging, while optional, is expected of our members, according to their means, to sustain the works of UUFP. Please contact the Treasurer for suggested amounts for families and individuals and to set up a monthly donation plan.

Is it possible to get married/renew our vows, or to perform a naming ceremony for an infant, in Paris by a Unitarian Universalist minister?

UUFP does not have a permanent minister, but we will be happy to try to assist you. There are two possible options:

  1. For a ceremony led by a minister, we would begin by seeing if your chosen date corresponds to a time at UUFP when one of our guest ministers will be in Paris. If that is not the case, we can see if one of the Unitarian ministers living in England would be able to come to Paris on your chosen date.
  2. If you are willing to be married by an experienced Lay Chaplain, some members of UUFP are qualified Lay Chaplains who are able to lead bilingual and/or interfaith ceremonies.                                                                                                                                        The ceremonies we provide are spiritual weddings. Getting legally married in France in a civil ceremony involves being a resident for at least six weeks, and a legal wedding cannot be performed by clergy of any kind.

Does UUFP have a bed and breakfast program available in Paris?

No, we do not have one.

Can the Paris Fellowship help with housing while we are in Pari

In fact, most of our members live in small apartments in Paris so we are unable to help with requests for housing from out-of-town UUs.

Where can I find a good hotel, tourist information, etc.?

As a volunteer-run religious community, we don’t have the resources to answer these kinds of questions. However, the websites listed below may help you plan your trip.

Paris Info –

City of Paris –

Paris Tourist Info –

Paris Transport System –

Paris Anglo Info –




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