Roadmap To Vibrant Health – What Is Cholesterol Really About?

Over twenty years ago I attended a presentation by a nutritional Doctor and he explained why cholesterol wasn’t such a big issue and that it was mostly about selling statins and low cholesterol foods, and that in some countries it barely rates as an issue.

Coming forward to the present there is so much more information available. Not just studies which are poorly constructed and don’t allow for factors which cause errors. Pharmaceutical companies have long been guilty of cherry picking those studies which align with the outcomes they want to support their drugs.

Interestingly enough most of the solid studies are coming out of Scandinavia and also at a time when all studies into a drug have to be considered not just the ones that suit the drug companies.

Now along comes an Irish engineer who had some health problems and wasn’t satisfied with the medical explanations he was receiving.

This fellow is an expert in solving complex engineering problems and has a particular ability to sort through studies and separate those which are properly conducted and those which are weak or inaccurate.

With respect to some of the cholesterol studies he said words to the effect that if they used such faulty data to build a bridge it would fall down. Yet this is the very data which has been used to promote a health problem and a class of drugs which have generated billions of dollars for the various pharmaceutical companies.

I don’t want this article to sound like a conspiracy theory, and I encourage you to do some research of your own and make your own mind up.

As a brief overview, firstly cholesterol is required by every cell in our bodies for us to live. If we eliminated it we would quickly die.

We have drugs called statins which lower the LDL (which is the bad cholesterol, even though technically LDL is a kind of packet which contains cholesterol and triglycerides) But we were told there was no way to raise the HDL (good cholesterol, just another packet with less cholesterol)

We were told that saturated fats raised our cholesterol, but the world’s leading researchers tell us now that is not the case. Eggs and butter are once again good foods.

We now know that a diet rich in good saturated fat and low in carbohydrates lowers blood fats and raises good cholesterol. Carbs actually pull more fats into the blood stream where they are oxidised and ultimately deposited into the artery walls.

The bottom line is eat healthy saturated fats but much less carbohydrate, which is the opposite of the government guidelines issued in the 1970’s as a result of faulty research. This guideline has now been described as the largest failed human dietary experiment in human history.

The bad news is that it still continues in circles which derive their information from past guidelines. My hope is that you will do your own research and don’t just trust your health in information which has failed us so badly.

How to Choose the Best Wine For Drinking

Are you a fan of wine? Do you enjoy drinking the different varieties of wine? You are at the right place. As you will get plenty of wine news and learn more about different types available. But with plenty to choose from in the whole, how will you make the right choice? Know what makes the different ones special and how to enjoy the most famous one in the world and get know more in the upcoming news.

World’s Best Wine Types

Red Wines – Never Miss It

  • This one is served best below the room temperature (of 65°F)
  • Tannins, stems or oak barrels will give red wines the complexity and structure

  • Berries, plums, and cherries are common fruit flavors and smell

Here are three popular kinds available in the market:

Cabernet Sauvignon

Well known as the “cab,” the wine is a powerhouse, popular for its big tannins, full body, and cherry, tobacco and cedar touch. Pair this with grilled lamb or steak. Fun fact, as per the news report: Cab wine is a widely planted grape in the whole world.


It is less tannic compared to the cab, and has the plush and velvety feel and have berry flavors. It is one best match with the hearty stews and BBQ.

Pinot Noir

The wine’s skin accounts for the light color & body. The fan really loves its complexity: floral, earthy and berry qualities in one glass. Do not hesitate to pair it with fish!

White Wines

  • Pear, peaches, apple or other tree fruits, all along with the citrus, are some common features
  • White wines won’t have tannins

  • Serve chilled, over 45 to 50°F

Below are some varieties:


Chardonnays wine come in various styles. Chardonnay takes on the buttered and the movie popcorn quality. Lobster, butter sauces, and poultry are the ideal mates with the medium-bodied white wine. Chardonnay is a most popular wine of US and we love to know more about this in the upcoming wine news.


Mistakenly assumed to be “sweet,” this runs a gamut from dessert-worthy to bone-dry. Tree fruit and apricot aromas balance its minerality in high acid wines, and delectable with the curries and spicy dishes.

Sauvignon Blanc

The wine lovers revere this for the tart citrus, herbaceous qualities, and bell pepper. Pork pair and shellfish, particularly well with this lively wine. Some describe this wine as having the “cat pee” smell (in a good way of course!)

Bonus wine:


Even though not the grape variety, bubblies and Champagne are not only for the special occasions. Best aromas of apple and pear, all along with nutty and toasty notes. It is a dream pairing with fried food! Being labeled as “Champagne,” this wine should not just come from the Champagne area of France and has to meet the strict regulations.

Why Should We Read Magazines?

Nowadays, we are leading a mechanical life. Most of us don’t even know what is happening around us. Most of us concentrate on money, job, school, university etc. Most of us are even forgetting to take care of our family life, i.e., wife, children and parents. Then what about updating us with latest news, technologies?

Sure, some of us watch news and read various websites. The news that we read and watch are from different categories. But they may not update us with all the information on a particular category. This is where the magazines comes to rescue us.

Suppose we want to know news related to the information technology category, what will you do?

I feel you guessed it right. The answer is to read the it magazines.

By reading various magazines, we can:

1) Improve our knowledge.

2) Know the latest news.

3) Know about the latest technologies.

4) Pass out spare time

Improve out knowledge

Magazines publish various knowledge related articles that help us educate our selves. Magazines are also the source of various step by step tutorials. They publish in-detail, in-depth knowledge related articles. Then can be termed as the knowledge-sharing platforms. The publishers of the magazines are mostly well-educated people and experienced people in relevant categories. So, when we read those articles or tutorials, we will definitely gains some knowledge.

Know the latest news

We watch television news and read various websites that we know. By doing this, we will know so much but not everything. As, I said above, the television and news websites help us know the news in different categories but they do not help us know all the latest news in the particular category. Here, you may browse some more websites of your interest to know most of the latest updated news but how much time do you have and how many websites do you browse daily for latest news. Magazines help us by providing the latest news on the desired category.

Know about latest technologies

Magazines are only the way by which you can know about latest technologies. Otherwise you have to go to a product based website and read about the latest technologies. If you know the address of the website, it is well and good, but when you don’t know the address of the website then you may not know the latest technology news.

Pass the spare time

Magazines are very fun to read and help us pass our spare time. Most of the content published in magazines is fun to read.